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A/C Installation & Replacement
A/C Installation & Replacement
A/C Installation & Replacement

Air Conditioning Installation & Replacement

Central Air conditioning systems are essential in hot, humid environments.  Not only do they keep you cool and comfortable, they help maintain stable humidity levels and provide cleaner air via filtration.  Proper owner maintenance, when combined with professional servicing, can keep your air conditioning unit running smoothly for several years.

When should I replace my central air conditioning?

There are a few indicators that can be helpful in determining it may be time to replace your air conditioning system.  Knowing the maintenance level of your existing unit can tell you a lot; If you are new owners to a space with an existing a/c without repair records, at minimum, a full system check is recommended. 

Reviewing the repairs or maintenance you’ve done for a couple of years can show you trends within your system.  Have you noticed and serviced excessive noise issues? Repeated blockages and clogs can cause a unit to age prematurely. 

If you have needed to refill the Freon more than a couple of times without locating a leak, it can mean it is failing to operate efficiently and in need of replacement.

Lastly, the comfort level of your home or office space can tell you a lot. Have your power bills increased each summer, though you’ve kept your thermostat settings consistent? If your space seems warmer, and you can hear your a/c running for extended periods, it is time for a new central air system. 

How do I pick a new Central Air Conditioning unit?


If you are replacing an existing unit, first try to determine how well your old unit met your needs. Did it consistently keep your home or office at a comfortable temperature for several years? Were the costs of running the unit in the hottest months of the year within a reasonable budget?

In addition to determining your needs now, what does the future hold for your home? Do you plan on an addition, or finishing your basement? These value added options will affect how well a future system can keep up with your changing demands.


How large of an air conditioning unit do I need?

The overall size of the air conditioner is not the best way to determine its ability to efficiently cool your home. Don’t make the mistake of buying a bigger unit than you need. An air conditioning system too large for your space can actually have a detrimental effect, using power inefficiently and leaving too much humidity in your home or commercial space. A better way to determine your need is to know the square footage of the area you plan to cool, as well as taking into consideration the layout of your home or office. For single story spaces, one unit can often do the job effectively.  However, in multiple level homes or offices, split units will be much more efficient. While more costly at purchase and installation, split units will cool your spaces faster and keep it at a more consistent temperature. Without a split unit, the cool air will often sit on your lower floors, while the heat of the day rises upstairs, making upper bedroom or office conditions uncomfortable for work or sleep. Not only does this leave you frustrated, but it is also taxing to the unit itself.

Knowing when and how to replace an air conditioning unit can be overwhelming. Buying a central air conditioning system is a big investment! Let us come out and evaluate your home or commercial space to help you determine the best choice for you. Contact us today so you can be ready for those hot summer months! 

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