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A/C Repairs
A/C Repairs
A/C Repairs

Air Conditioning Repairs

Indoor air conditioning is an incredible convenience, helping to keep us cool and comfortable in our homes, offices, commercial spaces, and in our favorite retail centers. However, it is easy to take this modern comfort for granted, until it’s too late. Don’t let the signs of an aging air conditioning unit go unchecked; it will cost you precious time, money, and comfort when you need it most!

How do I know if my air conditioner needs repairs?

Thankfully, air conditioning units often give consistent warning signs that they are in need of repairs.  A common sign of an overworked system is excessive noise at the outdoor unit.  If you’re noticing it more, or even noticing a lot of noise for the first time, it is a good idea to have it serviced. Though all units hum and make normal operating sounds, excessive noise can mean your air conditioner is overworked or clogged.

While noise issues are easy to detect, other signs of impending breakdown are harder to catch.  If you feel your home or office spaces are not as cool as they should be, a basic temperature check can tell a lot.  Using a digital room thermometer, first check the air temperature at your return vents (the vents re-circulating air back to your a/c system).  Then, compare this to the temperature coming out of an air conditioning supply vent. You should detect a minimum of a fifteen-degree temperature difference.  If not, contact a repair technician right away.

What are the most common repairs needed for an air conditioning unit?

When maintained regularly, most repairs are as simple as a bug in the contactor, or a dirty furnace filter.  Proper air conditioning maintenance will often catch these before repairs are necessary.  If maintenance is not performed, internal components such as the coil or fan can get clogged and fail. In older units, the Freon levels may need refilling in order to keep the unit running at optimal temperatures. All of these, along with various electrical component failures, can be costly and time-consuming to fix. 

How can I avoid air conditioner repairs?

Maintenance is key. Routine maintenance includes basic upkeep by home or business owners, along with seasonally scheduled maintenance from a licensed technician.  In addition to these measures, you can take some steps to help your air conditioning unit to operate efficiently and under less strain.  In areas of high heat and direct sunlight, black out curtains over windows can go a long way towards maintaining a steady room temperature.  Keeping the settings of your thermostat consistent, varying only a few degrees between settings, can also help to prevent your unit from overworking on hot days. 



Can I repair my air conditioner myself?

Depending on the issue, you may be able to fix basic causes of air conditioning problems yourself by performing your routine maintenance checks. Replace the furnace filter and check the outdoor unit for debris or blockages. Outside of these basic maintenance measures, repairs to an air conditioning unit are best performed by a licensed professional.  Air conditioning units run on high voltage, as well as contain hazardous chemicals.  Preventing injuries to yourself or further damage to your unit is our priority.

If you suspect your air conditioner is overworked, running inefficiently, or is simply not working,  don’t delay! Contact us for fast, friendly and efficient repairs, so you can enjoy the comfort of cool, clean air, all summer long!

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